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Understand Your Customers

Wondering what advertising works?

Ever since advertising began, marketers and business owners alike have wondered how much and where to spend advertising dollars. We provide inexpensive tools to help make those decisions.

How much is a typical customer worth to you? How much did it cost you to acquire that customer? What is the ROI for that customer?

Which page did your customers visit most often before becoming a customer? Knowledge about what your customers are doing on your website is incredibly powerful. When you take it down to the individual customer level you suddenly have a much more complete picture of what's going on.

Knowledge is power and instant reports and alerts are powerful!

Automated reports give you weekly and monthly summaries of your lead aquisition and best performing advertising sources.

Email alerts let your sales department know instantly when new leads have arrived.

Automated integration to mailing lists and other marketing tools makes the most of your efforts and expenditures.